• Pursuit Of Happiness: 6 Keys To Finding True Happiness

    Pursuit Of Happiness: 6 Keys To Finding True Happiness

    The pursuit of happiness is one of the basic elements of human existence. We want to be happy. So why are so many people unhappy then? Most likely people are not happy because they are missing one of the six keys to happiness.

     The most important key to your personal happiness is determining that you will be happy. For many people, their personal happiness is not a priority in their life. Too often, we put the happiness of others before our own. While this may please our children, spouse, or boss, this is not the path to happiness. This doesn't mean you should make yourself happy at the expense of others, but you must remember that the reverse should also not be true -- your happiness should not be sacrificed to make others happy.

    Identify What Makes You Truly Happy

    We all strive to achieve happiness in our lives, but not everyone knows what truly makes them happy. Everyone's idea of happiness is unique and personal to them. Some find happiness in spending time with family and friends, while others find it in pursuing their passions and hobbies. The key to identifying what makes you truly happy is to look inward and reflect on the experiences and activities that make you feel the most fulfilled and content. It may take some trial and error, but once you find what truly brings you happiness, hold onto it and cultivate that feeling in your daily life. Being aware of what truly makes you happy can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

    Develop A Positive Mindset

    Developing a positive mindset can be a game-changer in your life. You may have heard the saying, "When you change your thoughts, you change your world." It's true! A positive mindset can help you see opportunities instead of obstacles, turn failures into lessons, and find joy in everyday life. But how do you cultivate a positive mindset? It takes practice and a willingness to challenge negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones. Some techniques that can help include gratitude journaling, positive affirmations, mindfulness meditation, and surrounding yourself with positive people. Embracing a positive mindset may not be easy, but it's worth it for the impact it can have on your life and those around you.

    Connect With Nature and the World Around You

    There's no denying that we live in a fast-paced world, where our attention is constantly pulled in different directions. However, it's important to take a moment and connect with the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Perhaps it's taking a walk in the park or simply sitting outside and feeling the sun on our faces. Not only does connecting with nature help reduce stress and anxiety, but it also reminds us that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Additionally, awareness of the world can lead to greater empathy and understanding of other cultures and perspectives. So next time you have the chance, take a deep breath and let the natural world envelop you. You might be surprised at the sense of peace and rejuvenation it can bring.

    Pursue Your Passions and Goals

    There is nothing quite like the feeling of pursuing your passions and achieving your goals. It is a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. Pursuing our passions allows us to tap into a side of ourselves that we may not always get to experience in our everyday lives. It gives us a chance to connect with something that truly makes us happy and fulfilled. And when we set goals for ourselves, it gives us direction and purpose. Every goal we achieve takes us one step closer to becoming the best version of ourselves. It can be challenging at times, but the reward is worth it. So, if you find yourself with a passion or a dream that you've been putting on the back burner, go for it! Take the first step towards making it a reality and see where it takes you.

    Seek Help When Needed and Invest in Relationships

    In life, we all reach a point where we need help or advice from others. It's important to remember that seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. Whether it's professional or personal, seeking help can be an invaluable way to gain insights and perspectives that we may not have considered on our own. At the same time, investing in relationships is key to a fulfilling and satisfying life. Whether it's through maintaining friendships or building new ones, cultivating strong relationships is a meaningful way to enrich our lives and connect with others. Ultimately, seeking help and investing in relationships are two impactful ways to build a thriving and supportive community for ourselves and others.

    Final Thoughts

    It is important to remember that happiness is a journey, not a destination. As long as you stay committed and consistent in applying these habits to daily practices, you will be closer than ever to achieving contentment in your life.

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  • Personal Development Power Tips

    Personal Development Power Tips

    Personal Development, at its basis, is anything that allows us to grow into an ordered life that is of our choosing. This is one of the most cherished goals among self-improvement practitioners. There are some excellent methods available for achieving it. However, it is easier said than done. 

    By taking charge of your development, you can unlock your true potential and create a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. So, let's dive into these personal development power tips that will guide you on your path to transformation.

    Clean the Clutter from Your Life

    There is an excellent saying in the personal development field,  “a tidy desk is a tidy mind”. Oftentimes, your outer environment is a reflection of the way you think and feel. Is your living or working space always cluttered?  You must start to order your environment to reflect the ordered life you are building.

    Clear away unnecessary clutter from your surroundings. This may sound like a meaningless task but you are sending a very clear message to your subconscious mind that you intend to get organized. When you begin to organize your living and working environment it allows you to develop the basic skills needed for organizing your life. 

    This can be achieved through goals. You should structure your goals in such a way that each one builds on the other and ensure that they are not in opposition to one another.

    Don’t Be Too Set on Achieving Your Goals in Exactly the Manner You Intend To

    Life is unpredictable, and unexpected events and challenges are bound to arise on your path to success. Embracing change allows you to respond effectively to these circumstances and make necessary adjustments to your plans. By being open to change, you avoid being rigidly attached to a specific outcome and instead focus on finding alternative paths or solutions.

    Remaining flexible enables you to recognize and seize new opportunities that may present themselves along your journey. Sometimes, these opportunities may diverge from your original plan, but they could lead to even greater outcomes. By being open-minded and willing to adjust your course, you position yourself to capitalize on these unexpected possibilities.

    Don’t Focus on the Mistakes

    Simply analyze them and learn the lesson they are trying to teach you. By staying focused on your failures, problems, or toils you are actually creating more of them or at least keeping them in your experience. Focus on the solutions or at least focus on the fact “you're still in the game”. Consider any mistakes you’ve made as life lessons. Apply what you have learned from them and use them as references (of what not to do) in the future.

    Make Sure You Follow through on Your Plans

    Persistence can accomplish things that nothing else can. How many times were you close to the end of the rainbow, and without even knowing how close you were, you quit? You may be someone who has drive at the start of a venture but finds your enthusiasm waning as you progress, lacking the motivation that is needed to “keep you keeping on” during times of hardship. Those who persist, especially in times like these, are those who ALWAYS win!

    Continuous Learning

    Never stop learning. Make a commitment to expand your knowledge and acquire new skills regularly. Read books, take courses, attend workshops, or explore online resources. Seek out mentors or role models who inspire you and can provide guidance. Remember, personal development is an ongoing process, and by embracing a growth mindset, you open yourself up to endless possibilities.

    Surround Yourself with Inspiring People

    Your environment plays a significant role in your personal development. Surround yourself with positive, supportive, and inspiring individuals who uplift and motivate you. Seek out a community of like-minded individuals who share similar goals and values. Engage in meaningful conversations, collaborate, and learn from each other's experiences. Together, you can create a powerful network that accelerates your growth.


    Remember that personal growth is a continuous journey, and it requires commitment, patience, and self-compassion. Embrace the process, celebrate your progress, and stay dedicated to your growth. With each step you take, you are transforming into the best version of yourself, creating a life of purpose, fulfillment, and success

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  • Perfection the Un-Live-Able Goal

    Perfection the Un-Live-Able Goal

    When we have a thought or idea that we want to do or get across, we have to communicate with other people. Many do not get past this stage of wanting to, for they decide to wait until everything is perfect before they tell anyone or do anything.

    I've heard people say they'll start when they have more money, time, to study and practice, when their children are older, and so on. The problem is that there is no such thing as a perfect time. The greatest moment to begin is right now. Yes, you may need to be selective about who you speak with at first since there are people out there who may try to stop you or shut you down. However, I've discovered that most people are held back by their worries and the drive for perfection.

    Failing the Way to the Top

    I was talking to this lady who wanted to go to a job interview. She had spoken to her sister about the interview. Her sister replied, "Make sure you do the interview perfectly because in this city people know each other, and if you blow it, you can kiss your career goodbye".

    WOW, no pressure there. Going into an interview with that in your mind is a good way to blow it. You will probably be terrified, which can cause the mistakes you are trying to prevent. What you need is encouragement and just to do your best. The world does not end with a bad interview.

    Reality is much brighter when you look at the most successful people out there. They repeatedly said that they failed their way to the top, that they learned from their mistakes, and went on. There are millionaires that lost everything, brushed themselves off, and then created more millions. They talked to people and connected with them. They moved forward before everything was “perfect”. They started before they were ready. They took action before all the pieces were perfectly in place. 

    Learning by Communication

    We are not born with all knowledge of all things. We are not robots, calculating our every move. We are human beings that learn from what we do. We discover by how we interact. We learn when we communicate our thoughts and ideas. Are there naysayers out there? Yes, run from them. Find the ones who are looking forward to hearing from you and wish to encourage you. You will always learn more and communicate more with positive and encouraging people.

    By embracing a positive and encouraging network, we foster an atmosphere that nurtures our intellectual and personal development. The exchange of ideas with like-minded individuals not only enhances our knowledge but also strengthens our communication skills. Engaging with people who genuinely wish to see us succeed ensures that we continuously learn, grow, and evolve.

    About Perfection

    It is in the trying and being that makes us human. It is the journey, not the end that tells us who we are and what we are made of. Perfection is not a means, it leaves no room for variation, creativity, and understanding of the process. It is through trial and error that we gain knowledge and wisdom. We remember and learn more through our mistakes than by what we do perfectly. For if everything were perfect, done perfectly, there would be no journey, no life, no adventure,...only an end.

    The pursuit of perfection can stifle our progress and limit our capacity for learning. It is through trial and error that we gain valuable knowledge and wisdom. Each mistake we make becomes a powerful teacher, illuminating the path forward. By acknowledging and learning from our errors, we cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

    Our mistakes leave a lasting imprint on our memory, often teaching us more than our successes. They provide us with valuable lessons, highlighting the areas where we can improve and guiding us toward better solutions. Embracing our fallibility and embracing the growth that arises from it allows us to approach challenges with humility, curiosity, and a willingness to explore different avenues.

    In a world devoid of imperfections and mistakes, life would lose its sense of adventure and exploration. The journey we undertake, with all its ups and downs, shapes our experiences, defines our character, and gives meaning to our existence. It is in the face of uncertainty, in the pursuit of our goals, and in the exploration of the unknown that we find fulfillment and purpose.

    Final Thoughts

    So, let us embrace the imperfect nature of our lives and the transformative power of the journey. Let us cherish the process of learning, growing, and evolving, for it is through the continuous exploration of new horizons that we truly thrive. By accepting that perfection is not the destination but rather an inhibiting force, we can unlock our full potential and live a life enriched with experiences, wisdom, and the joy of embracing the unpredictable beauty of the human journey. Remember friends the “Joy is in the Journey”. And JOY is the whole point! 

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  • Know What You Want and Make It Happen!

    Know What You Want and Make It Happen!

    How is your life and/or your business doing? Is it stagnating, boring, or going nowhere? Have you become obsessed with meeting those loan repayments or trying to just survive until the next paycheck comes in, or vacation comes around? Are you having trouble maintaining your positive expectancy about life and/or business?

    The way to live satisfying lives is to simply dream up the things that we want to do and then make them happen. A simple statement but so few of us can put it into practice! You can put it into practice if you take these steps! First, find yourself in a quiet, comfortable location where you will be free from disturbances. Ensure that you have paper and a pen handy as you will need to write some things down.

    Brainstorm Ideas

    Take the next ten to fifteen minutes to envision and document a list of all the activities you would love to engage in. Adhering to a few guidelines during this exercise will be beneficial. First and foremost, refrain from evaluating your ideas as you jot them down. 

    For instance, if you yearn to embark on a year-long international vacation, avoid contemplating whether it is financially feasible at this moment. Instead, simply write it down. Evaluations and considerations can be undertaken at a later stage. Right now, focus on embracing the freedom of imagination and compiling a comprehensive inventory of your aspirations, assuming no limitations or obstacles exist.

    This exercise encourages you to think big and bold. Write down aspirations that resonate with your deepest desires, whether they involve personal growth, career achievements, relationships, or philanthropic endeavors. Visualize yourself accomplishing feats that leave a lasting impact on the world, pushing boundaries, and defying expectations.

    Prioritize Ideas

    Once you have completed the invigorating process of brainstorming, you will find yourself with a captivating list of all the things you aspire to do. Now it's time to embark on the next step: reviewing and prioritizing your list. The objective is to sort your aspirations into a sequence based on their level of importance to you. 

    However, it is vital to resist the temptation to evaluate or judge each item during this ranking process. Instead, let your intuition guide you as you assign a number to each item, indicating its relative priority.

    As you begin this task, immerse yourself in the excitement of the possibilities laid out before you. Reflect on the genuine desire you felt as you envisioned each aspiration. Ask yourself which experiences truly resonate with your deepest passions, values, and long-term goals. Consider the impact each activity would have on your personal growth, fulfillment, and overall happiness.

    Keep in mind that priorities may shift and evolve over time. As you grow, gain new experiences, or encounter unforeseen opportunities, you may choose to reassess and adjust the order of your list. Embrace the fluidity of your desires and adapt accordingly.


    Now, look at the top three items on your list and ask yourself the question: "What is stopping me from doing these things? It will help to clarify things if you write down these reasons. For example, if your number one choice is to go overseas for twelve months, your reasons for not being able to do so could be: can't afford it, can't leave my business unattended, or afraid I won't like it when I get there.

    By identifying these potential roadblocks, you can gain a clearer understanding of the challenges that lie ahead. It is important to note that these obstacles are not insurmountable but rather initial hurdles that can be addressed and overcome with careful planning and determination.

    Create an Action Plan

    After meticulously examining your aspirations, prioritizing them, and acknowledging the potential obstacles, you have reached the final and most exhilarating step of this process: putting your plan into action. The key to this step is to seize the present moment and act upon your dreams without delay. Remember, the best time to embark on your journey toward fulfillment is always NOW.

    Resist the temptation to wait for a "perfect" moment or a more opportune time to pursue your aspirations. The truth is, there will never be a time that is entirely free of challenges or uncertainties. Life is inherently unpredictable, and waiting for ideal conditions may result in missed opportunities and regret.

    Instead, embrace the sense of urgency and excitement that comes with taking immediate action.


    Don't let your big plans stop you from doing some of your smaller plans now. Pick a couple of activities you can do within the next month that won't cost you money. DO THEM! You will feel like a different person for having done so.

    Remember, the journey toward fulfilling your dreams is as important (or even more important) as reaching the destination itself.

    In my Create Your Best Life- Creative Goal Setting Course we work through all of these steps together and create a step by step roadmap to help you reach your goals and accomplish your big dreams & desires! The next course will be launching soon, if you’re interested in learning more sign up for the waitlist!

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