• Ways to Crank Up Your Creativity

    Ways to Crank Up Your Creativity

    Creativity is a quality we all have buried inside us, one way or the other. It involves the invention of something new or the re-invention of something already existing to make it useful or interesting.

    1. Change your perspective

    You might have heard the phrase ‘Think outside the box’. To do this you should consider approaching the matter from a fresh perspective. Change your point of view. Consider all of the variables that are impacted by your problem or concern. Break the problem down into several elements and then shuffle them. Consider what would happen if an idea were to be replaced. This aspect is important in increasing creativity since it assists you in removing any fixations that may be limiting your creativity.

    2. Learn to relax

    Relaxation rejuvenates the mind, allowing creativity to flow effortlessly. There are several techniques to unwind and relax, freeing up your mind for more creativity. Simple activities such as walking on the beach, participating in your favorite sport, meditation, or other activities that help you relax.

    3. Stop criticizing yourself

    Knowing you're doing the best you can removes roadblocks to your creative ideas. Never be harsh or critical of yourself, and instead learn to embrace yourself for who you are. You are creative, and by recognizing that reality, your self-limiting beliefs will no longer prevent you from being creative.

    4. Remove the pressure of expectations 

    Eliminating expectations relieves your tension over the outcome. Putting love and passion into your projects with no outcome expectations increases the chances of a fantastic result.

    5. Let your imagination run wild

    Exercise your imagination. Modification can trigger creativity because you see things in a different light. You can also try to exaggerate or think of the extremes, be it magnification or minimization of something. Thinking of the possible differences between these two situations could produce ideas. This is the ultimate brain exercise.

    6. Your comfort spot

    The environment has to be right. You should have somewhere you can focus without being unnecessarily disturbed, so you can give a problem your full attention. This should extend to the people you are with. You tend to do better at something when you are with like-minded people. To put it simply, hang out with creative people to help enhance your creative abilities.

    7. Time, time, time

    You can’t rush creativity. Hurrying does not help in the outflow of ideas. Your mind tends to go into a state of slight disarray when you are trying to force things. Studies show that results produced in this state are generally lacking. If you are low on time, then keep a list of activities like this one close to you. Go over each of the activities and exercise each one. Give it time.

    8. Communicate your ideas to others

    A different view of the problem could help. Better yet, many different views! Never be shy to ask. Diversity is very helpful in relation to creativity. Organize a brainstorming session. The spontaneous generation of new ideas helps in the formulation of more ideas. The products of brainstorming can be the raw material in the construction of the idea.

     Remember that in brainstorming, 4 rules are followed for it to be successful:

    -   There should be no criticisms. Criticism hinders the free flow of ideas. This can be postponed until the session has ended.

    -   Combining and/or modifying ideas are encouraged.

    -   Quantity is preferred over quality in brainstorming.

    -   Weird or strange ideas are encouraged.

    9. Practice makes perfect

    Practicing your art every day, even if only for a few minutes, keeps your mind imaginative. If you write, you should do so every day. If you want to be a successful designer, do something creative every day, even if it's as simple as recreating the logo for your favorite cereal.


    These are just some ideas to get your creative juices going. They can be adapted to suit each individual. How inventive can you be? How open are you? Remove the boundaries from your mind and you will find your creativity will increase.

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  • Find Focus With A Theme

    Find Focus With A Theme

    What happened to the time? When we are preoccupied with our daily lives, it can seem that entire seasons pass in a second. And our goals, they can easily get lost in the chaos. You want to wake up: to regain control of your time and achieve your goals. But how exactly?

    Like a river, our lives are always flowing onward, over and around the highs and lows of our daily experiences. As humans, we frequently try to reduce such ups and downs by planning for the future, dwelling on the past, and avoiding experiencing the present emotion. As a result, we dull our sense of aliveness and sort of zone out. No wonder we "wake up" to realize minutes, days, or even weeks have passed us by!

    Have you ever had the experience of driving a car only to find yourself suddenly at your destination? Where have you been? Not present, that’s for sure! But really, what does it mean to be present in your day-to-day life?

    It’s quite challenging to focus all your attention on this moment. Try it: As you are reading these words, slow down. Experience the action of reading one word at a time. What sounds do you hear in the room around you? How comfortable are you? How are you breathing? Recognize that you are alive, right now, at this moment. What was that like for you?

    Reflect On What You Really Want

    Take a walk or meditate, write in a notebook, or talk to a friend to get your mind thinking about what you want and need right now. If you don't know where to begin, consider your relationships, job, and overall health, and reflect on whether there is anything you wish to improve in any of those areas.

    If those areas of your life seem quite steady, consider the big picture and ask yourself questions like, "When am I the happiest?" "When do I feel the greatest about myself?" and "When do I feel the worst about myself?" That can put you in the right direction to gain more or less of something in your life.

    Daily Intentions

    Make a plan for the day. Not a rigorous, hard schedule or a rigid list of must-do's, but a plan that works for you, that establishes your goals, intent, and hope for what you want to get out of this day. Make a declaration the night before or early in the morning about what you will do to ensure that this day makes a difference.

    Identify What Drains You

    You should consider what physically or mentally exhausts you. They don't necessarily have to be things you hate to do.  Once you can point out these tasks, try to stop doing them.

    Pursuing meaningless activities deprives your body and mind. Consider delegating or removing them from your to-do list. Tiredness is a strong indication from your mind, body, and heart that the activity is bad for you.

    It is critical to run YOUR race, live YOUR life, focus on what is essential to YOU, and design your life around YOUR vision.

    Finding Your Theme

    You've definitely heard a number of other suggestions for being present in the moment, such as breathing, mindfulness, meditation, and so on. Expand on this idea: how can you be present and focused on a project or goal in your life? Choose a theme.

    This is how it works: For example, this year's theme for my business is "fun and inspired action." This theme functions as a filter. Each month, I examine my business goals through the lens of my theme and prioritize those that will be the most enjoyable and inspiring to me and my customers. When I'm brainstorming projects to work on, I seek those that best fit my theme. When selecting new prospects and coming up with new ideas, my theme gives me a sense of exploration.

    What is YOUR theme? It’s time for you to wake up and be on fire too!


    Focus is energy. It's where you're channelling the entire force of your potential, for better or worse. Energy flows where focus goes. Living the right habits, such as the one mentioned above, will help you improve your focus muscles.

    You have the ability to live a more focused life. If you make a commitment, you will see a difference.

    Finding your life's purpose is a lifelong adventure, but once you've found it, you'll discover that your life opens up in ways you never imagined possible.

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  • Creating Your Vision

    Creating Your Vision

    Many people go through their daily lives feeling overwhelmed. There are so many things to do and never enough time or energy to complete them all. Do you feel this way about your business, your career, or your life?

    Have you promised yourself that you will make some major changes this month but are unsure what those changes should be?

    Consider creating a vision, and make it a big one. One that encompasses your life's passion and the gifts you've come to share. You have a lot to give no matter what your business or career is about. You are unique and the only person who can use your strengths in your particular way. Life is not a dress rehearsal, so create your vision of what you really want and then take inspired action steps to attract it to you, whether it's staying at home and raising a family, producing the best widget there is, being the CEO of a company, etc.

    How to Create Your Life Vision

    Don't assume you can create a clear and well-defined vision overnight—imagining your life and deciding on a course of action takes time and reflection. You must cultivate vision and perspective, as well as use reasoning and preparation to put your goal into action. Your best vision emerges from your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It will resonate with your values and aspirations, generating energy and passion to help strengthen your dedication to exploring your life's possibilities.

    What Does Your Best Life Look Like?

    Describe in detail your ideal life. Allow yourself to fantasize and build a vivid picture. Consider how your perfect life would feel if you can't visualize it. If you find it impossible to imagine your life in 10 or 20 years, start with 3-5 years—even a few years in the future will provide you with a starting point. What you see may surprise you.

    Here are some thoughts to get you started.

    • What will you have achieved so far?
    • Where would you be?
    • What does your perfect day look like?
    • What would you be doing?

    It's essential to concentrate on the final outcome or at least a waypoint in your life. Don't think about how you'll get there yet—the that's next step. Allow yourself to return to this vision every day, even if only for a few minutes. Maintain your vision in the forefront of your mind.

    Taking Action

    You must be ready to take action. You will never be able to change the results unless you change your focus and habits.

    You are responsible for the momentum; it will be up to you to take the actions on your own unless you choose to have the support, encouragement, guidance, and accountability that a coach provides.

    The creative process begins with a thought, a great idea, a passionate drive, or a hope of achieving something magnificent. These are the intangible sparks that ignite our ambition to progress and make the intangible a reality.

    Begin by jotting down ideas on paper. Don't censor your thoughts or ideas during the first brainstorming session. Start with your personal vision, if you are working on both your personal and professional visions identify what you want and how you want to spend your time.

    This will provide you with complete clarity on what is essential to you, what you want, and what aspects of your life you are passionate about and make you feel fulfilled. From there, you can construct a vision for your dream business or profession and take action to make it a reality. Concentrate on what you truly desire, and be as specific as possible. Don't simply state that you want a lot of money, a nice home, and no stress. Make a mental picture of exactly what you want, down to the color of the carpet and the list of clients, and then draw that picture with words until your vision is clear.

    Final Thoughts

    You create what you focus your attention on. If you focus on everything you don't want, everything you don't have enough of, that's what you'll get more of. Begin by imagining what you want.

    Begin with your vision; clearly define your life, career, and business goals, and then take the necessary actions to make them a reality. In my Creative Goal Setting Masterclass, I teach how to become clear about your true desires that align with what you are truly craving in your life. Then I walk you through how to incorporate visualizations into your days, so you can create a life you love, that is filled with joy and ease as you accomplish your goals. If you would like to get on the waitlist for the next online masterclass please visit my website:

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  • Visualize And Create!

    Visualize And Create!

    In order to create what you want in your life you need to focus on what you want, in other words, "the having". If you want money, you must focus on it. If you want a relationship, make it your priority to have the relationship of your dreams. Focus on becoming fit if you want a fit body.

    However, in order to consciously "create" the life of your dreams and have the money, relationship, health, fit body, or whatever else you desire, you must focus your mind on it. Visualizations and even daydreaming can help with this.  What will it take to give you the feeling of having it now? That is how you will construct the life of your dreams intentionally.

    The Power of Visualization

    Everything that you want to happen in life must first occur in your imagination. This is where visualizations can help. If you can visualize yourself accomplishing this goal and enjoying a happy life, you will be more likely to succeed. Athletes often use the power of visualizations, picturing their desired outcome over and over in their mind, until doing it is second nature.  

    That is why having a life vision is important. You must see what you want out of life so clearly that you can see it every day. It takes time to build your ideal life, but once you do, you can make it a reality. It all begins with you.

    Many people believe they can accomplish whatever goals they set, but do not follow through. However, if you take action toward achieving a goal, you must continue even if you fail. Learn from your mistakes, but don't let them define you as a person.

    You get stronger and smarter as a result of these lessons. When you discover something new about yourself, you change for the better. You are not a failure as a person simply because you failed at something.

    Begin by making a vision board so you can clearly see what you want in life. You can begin with a word or mission statement that embodies the type of life you wish to live.

    After you've established your word/mission statement, make a list of everything in your life that you want to improve. Consider the specifics of each day, such as eating a healthy diet or trying to communicate better with a loved one. 

    It can be difficult to keep your thoughts under control. That is something I believe we can all agree on. So rather than attempting to control your thoughts all the time, use an approach I am going to name "chunking". Set out a chunk of 15 minutes at a time to intentionally imagine what you want. You can do it while doing something else, such as driving, exercising, or vacuuming the home. But it is best to do it right after waking up, or right before going to sleep. During that moment, fantasize and visualize the end result in your mind. Consider what you would feel, see, hear, and touch if you could have your heart's desire. Make use of all of your senses. Enjoy your "daydream chunk" as much as you possibly can.

    Making Time

    Plan and prepare accordingly once you've determined what you want out of life. Make sure you're working hard enough to meet your goals while still finding time for fun activities that will allow you to unwind and enjoy yourself.

    Maintain your focus on your dreams by asking yourself why you started doing something in the first place so that you are encouraged to continue. Even though it seems impossible right now, keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.

    A happy attitude generates positive energy and improves outcomes. Remind yourself of a happier memory if you are faced with a negative situation.

    For instance, if you are concerned over a problem, recall the happiest time you spent with someone special. This could include going for a walk, having dinner, dancing, or viewing fireworks. Positive thoughts produce positive outcomes.

    Remember that the secret to achieving anything is to be optimistic and think that you can do it. Nothing can stop us from achieving our goals as long as we remain confident and believe in ourselves. “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you are right.” - Henry Ford

    Use Affirmations to Help You Visualize

    An affirmation is a statement that recalls not only a mental image but also the sensation of already having what you desire. Repeating an affirmation numerous times a day helps you stay focused on your objective, boosts your motivation, and programs your subconscious by giving an order to your brain to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

    Live in the Moment

    Although daily visualization exercise is important, we don't need to spend all day thinking about our goals for this technique to succeed. In fact, spending too much time visualizing can deprive you of something essential: living in the current moment.

    Daily rituals assist in finding the appropriate balance between thinking about the future and living in the now. Begin by deciding on a time when you will examine your goals and imagine your success. Do this ideally twice a day, first thing in the morning and shortly before bed.

    It's time to let go once you've visualized each goal as completed. Allow yourself to let go of your ambitions and spend the rest of the day in the present moment.


    You will be well on your way to consciously producing your heart's desire if you learn this practice. Your daily acts will decide the quality of your life. Maintain your commitment to your goals and build the life you want because you can. 

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