January 24, 2023

Ways to Crank Up Your Creativity

By BBS Staff
Ways to Crank Up Your Creativity

Creativity is a quality we all have buried inside us, one way or the other. It involves the invention of something new or the re-invention of something already existing to make it useful or interesting.

1. Change your perspective

You might have heard the phrase ‘Think outside the box’. To do this you should consider approaching the matter from a fresh perspective. Change your point of view. Consider all of the variables that are impacted by your problem or concern. Break the problem down into several elements and then shuffle them. Consider what would happen if an idea were to be replaced. This aspect is important in increasing creativity since it assists you in removing any fixations that may be limiting your creativity.

2. Learn to relax

Relaxation rejuvenates the mind, allowing creativity to flow effortlessly. There are several techniques to unwind and relax, freeing up your mind for more creativity. Simple activities such as walking on the beach, participating in your favorite sport, meditation, or other activities that help you relax.

3. Stop criticizing yourself

Knowing you're doing the best you can removes roadblocks to your creative ideas. Never be harsh or critical of yourself, and instead learn to embrace yourself for who you are. You are creative, and by recognizing that reality, your self-limiting beliefs will no longer prevent you from being creative.

4. Remove the pressure of expectations 

Eliminating expectations relieves your tension over the outcome. Putting love and passion into your projects with no outcome expectations increases the chances of a fantastic result.

5. Let your imagination run wild

Exercise your imagination. Modification can trigger creativity because you see things in a different light. You can also try to exaggerate or think of the extremes, be it magnification or minimization of something. Thinking of the possible differences between these two situations could produce ideas. This is the ultimate brain exercise.

6. Your comfort spot

The environment has to be right. You should have somewhere you can focus without being unnecessarily disturbed, so you can give a problem your full attention. This should extend to the people you are with. You tend to do better at something when you are with like-minded people. To put it simply, hang out with creative people to help enhance your creative abilities.

7. Time, time, time

You can’t rush creativity. Hurrying does not help in the outflow of ideas. Your mind tends to go into a state of slight disarray when you are trying to force things. Studies show that results produced in this state are generally lacking. If you are low on time, then keep a list of activities like this one close to you. Go over each of the activities and exercise each one. Give it time.

8. Communicate your ideas to others

A different view of the problem could help. Better yet, many different views! Never be shy to ask. Diversity is very helpful in relation to creativity. Organize a brainstorming session. The spontaneous generation of new ideas helps in the formulation of more ideas. The products of brainstorming can be the raw material in the construction of the idea.

 Remember that in brainstorming, 4 rules are followed for it to be successful:

-   There should be no criticisms. Criticism hinders the free flow of ideas. This can be postponed until the session has ended.

-   Combining and/or modifying ideas are encouraged.

-   Quantity is preferred over quality in brainstorming.

-   Weird or strange ideas are encouraged.

9. Practice makes perfect

Practicing your art every day, even if only for a few minutes, keeps your mind imaginative. If you write, you should do so every day. If you want to be a successful designer, do something creative every day, even if it's as simple as recreating the logo for your favorite cereal.


These are just some ideas to get your creative juices going. They can be adapted to suit each individual. How inventive can you be? How open are you? Remove the boundaries from your mind and you will find your creativity will increase.

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