January 03, 2023

Visualize And Create!

By BBS Staff
Visualize And Create!

In order to create what you want in your life you need to focus on what you want, in other words, "the having". If you want money, you must focus on it. If you want a relationship, make it your priority to have the relationship of your dreams. Focus on becoming fit if you want a fit body.

However, in order to consciously "create" the life of your dreams and have the money, relationship, health, fit body, or whatever else you desire, you must focus your mind on it. Visualizations and even daydreaming can help with this.  What will it take to give you the feeling of having it now? That is how you will construct the life of your dreams intentionally.

The Power of Visualization

Everything that you want to happen in life must first occur in your imagination. This is where visualizations can help. If you can visualize yourself accomplishing this goal and enjoying a happy life, you will be more likely to succeed. Athletes often use the power of visualizations, picturing their desired outcome over and over in their mind, until doing it is second nature.  

That is why having a life vision is important. You must see what you want out of life so clearly that you can see it every day. It takes time to build your ideal life, but once you do, you can make it a reality. It all begins with you.

Many people believe they can accomplish whatever goals they set, but do not follow through. However, if you take action toward achieving a goal, you must continue even if you fail. Learn from your mistakes, but don't let them define you as a person.

You get stronger and smarter as a result of these lessons. When you discover something new about yourself, you change for the better. You are not a failure as a person simply because you failed at something.

Begin by making a vision board so you can clearly see what you want in life. You can begin with a word or mission statement that embodies the type of life you wish to live.

After you've established your word/mission statement, make a list of everything in your life that you want to improve. Consider the specifics of each day, such as eating a healthy diet or trying to communicate better with a loved one. 

It can be difficult to keep your thoughts under control. That is something I believe we can all agree on. So rather than attempting to control your thoughts all the time, use an approach I am going to name "chunking". Set out a chunk of 15 minutes at a time to intentionally imagine what you want. You can do it while doing something else, such as driving, exercising, or vacuuming the home. But it is best to do it right after waking up, or right before going to sleep. During that moment, fantasize and visualize the end result in your mind. Consider what you would feel, see, hear, and touch if you could have your heart's desire. Make use of all of your senses. Enjoy your "daydream chunk" as much as you possibly can.

Making Time

Plan and prepare accordingly once you've determined what you want out of life. Make sure you're working hard enough to meet your goals while still finding time for fun activities that will allow you to unwind and enjoy yourself.

Maintain your focus on your dreams by asking yourself why you started doing something in the first place so that you are encouraged to continue. Even though it seems impossible right now, keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.

A happy attitude generates positive energy and improves outcomes. Remind yourself of a happier memory if you are faced with a negative situation.

For instance, if you are concerned over a problem, recall the happiest time you spent with someone special. This could include going for a walk, having dinner, dancing, or viewing fireworks. Positive thoughts produce positive outcomes.

Remember that the secret to achieving anything is to be optimistic and think that you can do it. Nothing can stop us from achieving our goals as long as we remain confident and believe in ourselves. “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you are right.” - Henry Ford

Use Affirmations to Help You Visualize

An affirmation is a statement that recalls not only a mental image but also the sensation of already having what you desire. Repeating an affirmation numerous times a day helps you stay focused on your objective, boosts your motivation, and programs your subconscious by giving an order to your brain to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Live in the Moment

Although daily visualization exercise is important, we don't need to spend all day thinking about our goals for this technique to succeed. In fact, spending too much time visualizing can deprive you of something essential: living in the current moment.

Daily rituals assist in finding the appropriate balance between thinking about the future and living in the now. Begin by deciding on a time when you will examine your goals and imagine your success. Do this ideally twice a day, first thing in the morning and shortly before bed.

It's time to let go once you've visualized each goal as completed. Allow yourself to let go of your ambitions and spend the rest of the day in the present moment.


You will be well on your way to consciously producing your heart's desire if you learn this practice. Your daily acts will decide the quality of your life. Maintain your commitment to your goals and build the life you want because you can. 

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