November 03, 2022

The Power Of Gratitude

By BBS Staff
The Power Of Gratitude

This is the time of year for giving thanks and when we look around our lives and feel grateful for all we have. Our families, friends, and all the people we love. We appreciate the work that we perform. We look for the silver lining in our difficult situations and are grateful for the chance to learn so much from them.

Gratitude is simply the act of giving and expressing gratitude. Gratitude practice is the conscious and intentional expression of gratitude. And, like with most things, such as exercise, frequent practice is required to maximize the benefits.

Gratitude has been linked to numerous health advantages in scientific studies, such as:

  • Greater emotional and social wellbeing
  • More optimism and positive emotions
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • More progress toward personal goals
  • Improved relationships

Simply practicing thankfulness on a regular basis gives you the opportunity to improve your life and perspective, which is life changing.

How to Apply the Law of Gratitude to Live the Life You Desire

According to the law of attraction, what you put into the world is what you will get out of it. Simply put, what you think creates your reality.

We attract unpleasant situations when we have negative ideas. Similarly, if we live a thankful life, we will never be short of things to be grateful for.

Giving thankfulness for the area you're suffering with, rather than stressing and worrying about it, will cause your stress to untangle and make you feel more tranquil and calm about the problem. This is the practice's miracle. The best benefit, and when you can begin to manifest anything, is to feel at peace rather than stressed ab out something that has been causing you anxiety and worry.

Gratitude Is A Choice

The question is, "It's Thanksgiving, but, shouldn't we practice gratitude all of the time?" The answer is yes! Especially if you would like to create more joy, peace, and prosperity in your life.

Gratitude is a decision, a habit, and an attitude.

It can be tough to begin, as with other habits. However, expressing thankfulness can be as simple as doing the following:

  • Gratitude exercises, such as journaling
  • Pay attention to the little things in life, such as nature
  • Doing something kind for someone
  • Meditating on the positive aspects of your life
  • Telling someone you are grateful for them

Beginning to practice these easy actions on a regular basis will enhance your thinking and help you see the big picture in life. Of course, there are many more appreciation exercises to try, but it is best to start simple and gradually incorporate other gratitude practices into your daily routine.

How To Integrate Gratitude Into Your Daily Life

1. Look for what you want to see rather than what you don't. Too frequently, we go about our days expecting bad things to happen or expecting to be disappointed. We go around saying things like, "I don't like this, and this, and this..." and looking for things that need to be changed. If you focused on what you wanted to see, such as thinking about things you like, you might find that your reality adapted to your liking more.

2. Be thankful for something about yourself. Be thankful for your beautiful smile
and golden heart. Be thankful for your business skills, as well as your inventiveness and intuition. Be thankful that you are an excellent parent. Be thankful that you are not perfect.

3. If you're having trouble finding something to be grateful for, start by looking around and appreciating what you have. The sun, the snow, and the leaves. Seek out the beauty in your life. Concentrate on the life you do have rather than the one you don't.

4. Keep account of all the nice things that happen to you in your calendar or daily journal, including minor details. This confirms that wonderful things do come your way, and you may begin to put your reliance on God and the Universe as your source of supply. Recognize the synchronicities in your life; they were provided to you as a gift to confirm that you are on the right track.

5. Do you want to see quick results? Set aside 10 minutes every day for the next 30 days to write down everything positive about your life, relationships, body, career, home, etc. After those 30 days, you will not be the same person!

6. Allow the thankfulness to flow from your heart by opening your mouth. Amazing things will begin to happen to you and the people around you. Can you imagine what could happen? Play with it and express your gratitude to someone today.


Practicing gratitude on a daily basis can be a healthy daily habit for both physical and mental health. It can also be beneficial to relationships.

Test it out for yourself and see what happens. I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised by what occurs in your life!

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