May 17, 2019

Let's get Organized!

By Kristen Beach Blossom Studio
Let's get Organized!

Do you ever find the days/ weeks seem to get away from you, and haven't gotten nearly as much done as you had hoped? Here are some tips that I have found help me to be more productive!

First I would like to mention that my days are way more productive if I take some time in the morning to do some of the things I mentioned in my Creating Peace in a Busy Day post. 

1. Start by planning for the month. What are your main goals for the month? Try to have no more then 3-5 goals for the month. 

2. List these in your goals for the week to keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish this month.

3. Break down your big goals into smaller more manageable tasks. These should be 15-30min tasks. Give yourself 3-5 of these small tasks to do per day. Make sure you are doing them in an order that makes the most sense. For example if you need to research products and place an order, research on Monday and Tuesday and place your order on Wednesday.

4. Don't try to do too much in one day! As I've mentioned before I love a good list, and that means my lists often get out of control! I think I can accomplish way more in a day then I actually can! Breaking big goals down into smaller tasks can help them feel easier to tackle. Only doing 3-5 of these smaller tasks a day will keep you moving forward at a sustainable pace. 

5. Be gracious with yourself. Things come up, life throws us curve balls. Somedays you will crush your list, some days you will not. Keep looking towards the big picture. (That's one reason I find listing my goals for the month each week helpful). Some goals will carry on for months, some may never get accomplished. It's all good. Maybe goals that never get accomplished weren't meant to be. 

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Don't forget to include things in your daily goals that make you feel good. My daily goals often include my personal care items that I mentioned in my Creating Peace in a Busy Day post. Yours could be calling a friend, reading a book for pleasure, taking a 10 min walk, whatever fills you up.  

Do you have any tips that help you to manage your time, be productive and feel good? I'd love to hear them. Drop me a line at


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