October 06, 2022

Do You Think Motivational Thoughts?

By BBS Staff
Do You Think Motivational Thoughts?

What effect can motivational thoughts have? They can help assist you in taking action on your goals and desires. 

However, each of us is different in terms of what inspires us.

Reading positive quotes can ignite a spark inside of you, but then you must put it into action in order to see improvements in your life.

For example, consider this famous Albert Einstein quote: "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." It's a great quote, but does it actually drive you? Yes, it gives you a positive feeling, but you must apply it to your own life to make it work for you.

Learn Your Motivations

Experiment to learn how your mind works. I feel that explaining an idea to someone gets me more excited than just considering it. That is my own recipe for self-motivation. When I'm feeling unmotivated to make art, for example, getting inspiration and then telling a friend or family member about the idea I have gives me the motivation to start creating it.

When you have a very uninspiring task to complete, try promising yourself a reward for completion - make it one that means a lot to you. Keep that concept in mind to motivate yourself. You can apply this to many aspects of your life, for example, if you are trying to stop eating unhealthy foods, give yourself a small reward for completing a simple effort. It will definitely help you feel more driven and positive.

Practise Mood Boosting

A positive attitude has been related to greater motivation and an increase in both the quality and amount of work. This does not imply that you must always be positive—that is unrealistic. However, if you're feeling sluggish about working toward your goal, a fast mood boost may be all you need to get started.

Here are some ways to boost your mood:

  • Exercise
  • Have a quick clean-up of your space
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Light a candle
  • Take a brisk walk
  • Head to the beach! (This is my favorite :)

These minor adjustments will assist you in becoming more motivated and positive.

How To Still Feel Motivated When Everything Else Is Going Wrong?

It can be difficult to stay positive when you are grieving or experiencing other major distress.

Positive thinking does not include suppressing every bad idea or emotion or avoiding challenging emotions. The low periods in our life are frequently the ones that inspire us to move forward and make great changes.

When going through a difficult situation, try to see yourself as a great friend in need of comfort and sensible advice. What would you tell her? You'd probably accept her emotions and remind her that she has every right to be upset or furious in her situation, before offering support and gentle reassurance that things will get better.

The Importance Of Your Environment For Staying Motivated

Who you spend your time with, and the information you receive from sources such as television, the internet, and magazines will have a significant impact on your outlook.

To be able to maintain a happy attitude, you must surround yourself with people who raise you up rather than bringing you down.

You need to choose what you let into your mind. For example, ask yourself:

  • Who are the 3 most negative people I spend time with?
  • What are the 3 most negative sources I find information on?

Evaluate your answers, and then consider how you will change this. Will you continue to spend time with these people and read the same content? Should you spend your time elsewhere to help you become a more positive motivated person? Your environment shapes you, and removing the bad influences will change your life.


You are your own source of joy, positivity, and motivation.

A positive, motivated lifestyle will give you a new lease on life and help you reach your goals more successfully.

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