November 10, 2022

Creating Positive Change

By BBS Staff
Creating Positive Change

Your life may experience periods where you feel stuck. Sometimes, when you are in a challenging situation, you lack the motivation or extra support to make positive changes in your life. You may not even be certain of your own dreams.

You can start gaining clarity by examining each aspect of your life if you're unsure of what your dreams/ goals are. These areas could be your relationships, love life, family, friends, health, spirituality, finances, where you live, and your career. You can then start by rating how you feel about these aspects of your life on a scale of one to ten (ten being the best). After identifying which area has the lowest number, consider how to raise that area's number to 10. What are some ways that you could increase that area- brainstorm them in your journal, or on paper. From this list, decide which idea would bring you the most joy in elevating that area of your life. Make this into an actionable goal.

Once you've determined your goal (or dream), you can focus on it by determining how to get there. Remember that even though your current circumstances don't make you happy, they were the ones that gave life to your goals. It's essential to respect where you are in life if you want to build a positive mental attitude to move forward.

Why You Need a Positive Change

The need for change rarely develops overnight, like many other things in life. For us to take a good, hard look at ourselves and see that something needs to change, it usually takes something like a Eureka moment, a coach, or a life-changing event. Or sometimes it’s a nagging feeling that you just can’t shake, where you feel pulled towards something and know you must act on it, however scary it may seem.

It is easy to get caught up in life and routine, where you don’t feel like something is wrong and everything is fine. However, sometimes, there are signs you need to make some changes in your lifestyle. 

Here are some signs your life needs some change:

  • Can’t get to sleep or can’t stay awake.
  • Lack of interest in further learning or hobbies.
  • Can’t concentrate on a book.
  • Spending too much time on social media.
  • Steering clear of friends and family.

It's time to make some constructive changes if you are going through any of the above. Because if you don't resolve them, they could damage your relationships and career.

5 Ways to Create Positive Change in Your Life


1. Identify and Understand What You Want to Change

Knowing what you want requires setting a specific, measurable target (what you want to achieve and by when) as well as the desired outcome.

Before you can change anything, you have to know why you want to change it in the first place. Begin making small strides that give you meaning and contribute to the change you want to see. Don't hold out for new friends, a romantic interest, or your ideal job to come your way.

2. Get Negativity Out of Your Life

It may not be as easy as it seems. How can you expect to live a happy and positive life if you're surrounded by negativity?

When we choose to be optimistic and do positive action in support of that decision, we will start to come across positive circumstances and people.

Regular or even daily meditation is a great approach to cleansing your mind and ridding your body of impurities and negative thoughts so that positive ones can take their place.

3. Demonstrate You’re Capable

Don't be scared to show off your skills at work if you want to develop in your profession. Record your accomplishments. Set up a meeting with your manager and mention that you'd be capable of handling a more senior role and that you'd like to be taken into consideration for promotion when the time comes. Or record your accomplishments to remind yourself what you are capable of when fear and overwhelm start to creep in.

4. Learn How to Respond to Feedback

Any action you take results in the feedback of some kind. It pulls you in one of two directions: towards or away from your goal.

There are instances when things don't go as planned, you act differently than you meant or wanted to, or you encounter unforeseen challenges. The best course of action in such a situation is to assess why it didn't work, and figure out whether to attempt it again or do something else.

Noticing that what you tried simply didn’t work will allow you to use the information to help you determine the best action to take next.

5. Challenge Your Thoughts

Your mind can be taken over by thoughts, and before you know it, you've either harmed or elevated your chances of success.

Be mindful of how you word your thoughts and actions. Instead of saying "this is going to be difficult work," say "this is the next step in my life, and I'm excited to get started." Your thoughts and words are one of the most powerful tools you have to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Choose them wisely.


Change is both powerful and natural, but it does require some effort on your part. In nature, nothing stays the same. By sticking to this approach, you could develop your understanding of yourself, your goal plan, and the outcomes you desire.

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